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LC Ladylike Lot No. 18

OCV’d. It is our pleasure to offer you one of the first few animals branded by Longhorn Creek Ranch, and one of our favorites. She is stunning

in every aspect of her being. She is large-framed, perfectly-proportioned, loaded with color, and has the beginning of an elegant twist. Calf at side by

Archer Texa, and exposed back to Helm Adidas 530 (Hubbells 20 Gauge x Helm’s Dixie Chick) for a probable 3-in-1 package. The stacking of the pedigree is

very intense with LC Ladylike. With five and soon to be six over 80” TTT animals in her pedigree, she is top-placing in every competition. With the addition

of this elite beauty to your herd, you will not be disappointed